Join us at the LSU Tech Bootcamps MiniCon

What is a MiniCon?

Since the quarantine, the need for convening safely online around a common purpose has only increased. This three-day event we are calling a “mini-conference” or MiniCon, as a way to show the importance of coming together safely, sharing knowledge, and supporting each other to reach common goals.

Also, it’s free.


Tuesday, June 9: Coding Careers Panel at LSU Tech Bootcamps

Join us for a candid discussion about starting a business or keeping one running from the backend, moderated by Nimit Maru, co-Founder and co-CEO of Fullstack Academy.

Wednesday, June 10: Cyber Industry Panel at LSU Tech Bootcamps

A panel discussion featuring three cybersecurity professionals at the top of their game. They’ll discuss certifications, growth in the industry, and you’ll leave with actionable next steps for beginning an exciting career in ethical hacking.

Thursday June 11: Workshop Day

On the final day of the MiniCon, we offer you two chances to get your hands dirty and interact with two members of Fullstack’s instructor team. The Cybersecurity Workshop will introduce you to core concepts of cryptography and the Coding Workshop will help you to build a simple app with HTML and CSS.